Trump Prepares to Meet Lawmakers on Gun Control, but the Congress Remains Divided

The recent school massacre in Parkland, Florida has raised the debate around gun control once again. The statement by President Trump has further intensified it.

On opening the session with 17 House and Senate lawmakers, Trump said, “We can’t wait and play games, and nothing gets done. I’m the biggest fan of the Second Amendment and it’s time, we have to stop this nonsense.

He is of the opinion that the Congress should act on gun laws on an urgency basis. There have been many shooting incidents in the recent past in the US and the President thus pushed for comprehensive measures like stringent background checks, mental health and school safety to prevent such incidents.

While some senators are happy over the recent proceedings, the others are not and the house looks divided over the issue.

The idea of stronger background checks has so far been resisted by both the National Rifle Association and Republicans in the Congress. Now the President is adamant that the changes in gun culture are very much required and he conveyed the same to the NRA officials over lunch. The current law requires background checks to be done if the purchases are made from the gun dealers. The same is not required if the weapons are bought at gun shows or in some private transactions.

Sen. Chris Murphy of the Democratic front from Connecticut said he is “worried that this was the beginning and the end of the president’s advocacy on this issue.” He has always pushed for stringent gun control measures and is of the opinion that if Trump follows what he said in the meeting and sent his people to forcefully lobby for the universal background checks, there is a high probability that they will succeed. However, if the proposal sent to the Congress fails, the entire blame will be on the White House and the Republicans in the Congress.

Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania is hopeful that this time they will succeed in implementing the background checks for a broader range of gun sales.

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